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Pokemon GO: More Rare Pokemon Spawns At Nighttime?

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Pokemon GO

Catching rare Pokemon isn?t easy, which is why they are called rare. Some players believe that the best Pokemon trainers must venture out at night to catch these rare creatures. If the new Pokemon GO details are something to go by, rare Pokemon come out at night, and it?s the time when you can catch more of them. Players believe that between 12 am to 5 am are the golden hours when rare Pokemon spawns.

Pokemon GO players who usually travel around at night to hunt Pokemon would be happy to know that some gamers have observed many rare Pokemon spawning during dark hours. Fans say mostly common Pokemon spawn throughout the day. On a Reddit thread, there?s an ongoing discussion about this. A user revealed that one can easily observe the change by using the Pokemon locator, PokeVision. The user claims that rare Pokemon such as Pikachu, Scyther, Nidomonarch, Pinsir, Blastoise, Wartortle, Snorlax, and Hitmonlee can be found easily during nighttime.

Many players have found rare Pokemon at night. Players said that they have tried visiting the same locations during the day, but they could not find any rare Pokemon and only see the common ones. There?s a large number of fans who admit that they only catch Pokemon during nighttime because finding rare Pokemon during the late night hours is very easy, and staying awake pays off.

This is obviously good news for those who stay up late and are able to go outside during nighttime. Some fans have already claimed the availability of rare Pokemon in some specific locations, but the time cycle is something more interesting, and it will certainly drive many fans to go out during dark hours too.

It seems that players are making the game less challenging yet fun by sharing new Pokemon GO tricks and cheats. There are many tricks available that help people find rare Pokemon locations and catch them on the first attempt.

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