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Pokemon GO: Rare Pokemon Spawns In The Same Locations?

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Pokemon Go

Finding and catching rare Pokemon is challenging, but what if you find a location where rare Pokemon spawn frequently? Many Pokemon GO players have shared that they find the same Pokemon at some locations. If the detail shared by players is something to go by, some rare Pokemon also spawn at a certain time in such locations.

Some players have cited nearby places where they catch the same Pokemon. On Reddit, a player stated that there is a place close to his house where there are some rare Pokemon including Slowpoke, Horsea and Omanyte. Some players support his statement and said that they have also found some rare Pokemon in the same locations. The player also revealed that after observing the weather conditions, timing and spawn frequency, such locations spawn Pokemon at a certain time cycle.

In Pokemon GO, the map shows Pokemon depending on the density of the area and many other factors, but such revelations confirm that some players are lucky enough, as they get some good Pokemon by visiting the same locations again. Some users believe such places are Pokemon Nests. Nests are the small areas where Pokemon are found in abundance. However, some fans believe that finding some Pokemon at the same location doesn?t guarantee that the place is a nest, but it is important to keep visiting such places to collect them.

It is also being said that some Pokemon appear at a certain time. If the details shared by multiple players are to be believed, we can say that Pokemon GO has spawn timers for some Pokemon. Niantic has not confirmed any such mechanics, but more and more players have claimed that rare Pokemon spawn in the same locations.

Capturing the same kind of Pokemon over and over again is important if players wish to evolve their creature. Coordinating with other players about these locations will surely help them improve in their game.

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