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Pokemon GO Rare Pokemon List: How To Find All On Android & iOS

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Pokemon GO

One polarizing aspect about Pokemon GO is how some Pokemon from Red and Blue have become very rare in the mobile game. This is a somewhat understandable move since players are supposed to go exploring around their neighborhood for exercise and socializing; on the other hand, leveling up a rare Pokemon has become a pain. Thankfully, there is a solid though unreliable solution: the Poke Radar app.

As expected, some companies have decided to capitalize on the game’s fame by making companion apps that would make the mobile title easier to play. While Niantic did something similar with their first hit game Ingress, this app is a bit more blunt in finding Pokemon for the popular mobile app.

While players are free to download the app, reactions to it are mixed. It has gotten mixed reviews in the App Store, and users of Pokemon GO have complained about it on Reddit, even stating that it has been broken for quite some time.

Some claim that it works on iOS and has simply been dissed by trolls. According to Poke Radar for GO?s Facebook page, the app will be released sometime today for Android users, so almost everyone can try it for themselves. If it does work, players have a new way to catch Pokemon as they?ll only need to type the name of the creature so they can see exactly where it will spawn. If the game doesn’t work, they can just delete it from their phone and try using Ingress instead to easily locate rare Pokemon.

Will the Poke Radar help you find Lapras?

It will be unfortunate if Poke Radar doesn’t work, since finding rare Pokemon in the mobile title can be extremely tricky. Sure there are spawn locations, but they only tend to last for 30 or so minutes before disappearing and reappearing randomly. Some have theorized that it might be due to the environment or weather conditions, but it is clear that capturing rare Pokemon in this game is tricky.

There are other related apps players can use to find rare Pokemon like PokeMap which is available on Android and will have iOS support soon. PokeMap also uses uses information given by players, so there may also be hoax Pokemon spawn locations.

Pokemon GO is available now in specific countries. The game is available to those who have accounts in the countries the game is available in ? the US, Australia, New Zealand and Canada, and several European countries. Others will have to wait for a worldwide release, which won’t be happening anytime soon.

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