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Pokemon GO Rare Nests: No Nest Migration This September? New Changes Made Instead?

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Pokemon GO rare nests are hard to find. That’s obvious, but whenever one is found, it will likely be gone in a month or two. This has always been the case with previous updates, and it likely happened in the most recent one. Some fans are hoping that isn’t the case, but that likely won’t happen.

Nest migration has always been the norm for the free-to-play mobile game. It?s intended to keep players on their toes while also making them explore more. That is the main reason why the game was made after all.

No Nest Migration?

One fan on Reddit is wondering if the next update won’t change the Pokemon GO rare nests.?The reddit user speculated that Niantic might only add more nests and increase?Pok?mon spawns.?This is not likely since the mobile game almost always changes. Even with its more minor updates, the mobile title changes the game’s nests. Once again, it’s so players can explore their rural areas more.

While there’s nothing wrong with being hopeful, fans pointed out that this wasn’t likely. Niantic didn’t announce this and it just wasn’t going to happen. Admittedly, they don’t announce these migrations in the first place, but announcing no migrations is even less likely. Furthermore, changing up nest locations is just what happens. Wishing for more rare ones is just asinine, if none are removed.

Big September Changes?

Niantic had expressed interest in releasing bi-weekly updates. While they haven’t always followed that schedule, they did release a lot of new content. The new buddy system, for example, came out last week and was acclaimed. It’s clear that the developers are continuously working on new things for the app.

Will there be even more Pokemon GO rare nests? There might be a few, but not more than what is normally established. Fans should expect the usual amount of Rattata and Pidgey before something new appears. It’s the basic law of Pokemon GO and one that won’t change anytime soon.

Pokemon GO is available now on iOS and Android devices. The game has lost some momentum but is still a popular time waster. Fans can also pick up the Pokemon GO Plus if they want to catch Pokemon while the app is in the background.

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