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Pokemon GO: What Are Rare Nests And Where To Find Them

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One of the most annoying tasks in Pokemon GO is catching several of one specie to fully power it up or evolve it. It?s easy to find Pokemon, but finding multiple of one specie requires a lot of patience. However, some players are reporting about ?rare nests? that contain several of one Pokemon.

Staying true to the animated series, Pokemon GO apparently spawns nests that contain a lot of one Pokemon type. This Redditor seems to have stumbled upon a nest of Bulbasaur. Upon checking the Pokemon Nearby feature, the player noticed that there are six chances for a Bulbasaur. Now this is a very fortunate find for any player who?s looking to get a Venusaur.

Meanwhile, other players have reported stumbling upon Dratini and Magikarp nests as well. Players in Los Angeles have even begun cooperating with each other and taking note of all the nests in the area. There are a lot of nests in Los Angeles, and players there have the chance to catch a variety of Pokemon like Hitmonlee, Jynx, Onix, Magmar and Electabuzz.

Sadly, it seems that the nests are set up in random locations, and unlike Pokemon Gyms and Poke Stops, they are not landmarks. If a player does happen to discover a nest, it?s worth noting that they aren?t temporary Pokemon troves, as the same Pokemon will appear even after the respawn and despawn period. It?s also recommended to write down the area for future reference.

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When you?re in areas with Pokemon rare nests, it?s not really advised to use Lure Modules and Incense since the chance at getting Pokemon is better. But if players are really in need of one specific Pokemon, then it?s okay to use the items.

The best way to check out where Pokemon rare nests are is by asking around in Pokemon GO forums since the areas are indeed random.

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