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Pokemon GO Rare Nest Migration: Niantic Including More Gen 2 Pokemon [Rumor]

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Niantic delivered the hype leading up to Dec. 12 by finally giving us a glimpse as to how gen 2 will be introduced to the game. There are only a few gen 2 Pokemon for now, but the list will continue to expand in the next few months as per Niantic. The new gen changes a lot of things in the current version of the game, but what does the new additions change in the next major Pokemon GO rare nest migration?

Pokemon GO Nests For More Candies

Now that there are quite a few new Pokemon in the game, there might be changes coming through migrations as well. Niantic is very likely to give players a chance to catch the new Pokemon several times for Candies. This means we can expect to see new Rare Nests soon.

The new Pokemon already available are Smoochum, Pichu, Togepi, Igglypuff, Cleffa, Magby and Elekid. These Pokemon can be obtained through hatching eggs. We shouldn?t expect a Pokemon GO Rare Nest migration for now since the new Pokemon can?t be encountered in the wild just yet.

Niantic promises that the other gen 2 Pokemon will be coming in the next months. When these Pokemon arrive, it?s likely that there will be major nest migrations to make room for the new Pokemon. There are 90 more other gen 2 Pokemon; including the new Legendaries expected to become part of Pokemon GO soon. Niantic is very likely to give players a chance to catch the new Pokemon easily.

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When the next Rare Nest migration occurs, players might see less of the gen 1 Pokemon nests. This is going to be because it will give players a better chance at catching the new Pokemon in the game. We?ve yet to know when the new Pokemon will arrive but once they do, players can expect a Pokemon GO Rare Nest migration shortly after.

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