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Pokemon GO Rare Nest Migration: What To Expect This Week

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Pokemon GO Rare Nest

Pokemon GO fans are expecting the nest migration tomorrow. Fans may want to monitor changes in a Pokemon GO rare nest near their area. Here?s what we know so far.

Pokemon GO Rare Nest Migration Tomorrow?

According to ntc2e?s thread on the SilphRoad subreddit, the Rare Nest migration may happen tomorrow. Fans should prepare for any spawn changes in Pokemon GO rare nests in their area. If your nearest or favorite nest holds an important supply for your Pokemon Candy needs, make the best of it today.

Migration Patterns

Meanwhie, Zatetics? thread from the SilphRoad Reddit discusses the known Pokemon GO Rare Nest migration patterns. The data says that nest migrations happen every 23 or 24 days, meaning the migration might start today. Some nests have two likely Pokemon species to switch to. It?ll be best to consult this list especially if there?s any particular Pokemon GO rare nests you want to keep track of.

Pokemon GO Candy Needs

Pokemon GO players often track nests to stack up on Pokemon Candy. Lure Modules and Incenses help players catch Pokemon, but they just amp up general Pokemon encounter rates which could only be good for Pokedex progress. Pokemon GO rare nests are still the way to go for efficient Candy farming. The new Buddy system does allow players to farm Candies on the go, but it requires constant walking and is restricted only to one Pokemon per use.

For now, players may expect these changes to happen soon. Make sure to keep track of your frequented Pokemon GO rare nests for data keeping. Potentially, you can help yourself and even the whole community to farm Pokemon Candy efficiently if you share nest migration patterns you discover.

Meanwhile, the Pokemon GO Facebook page doesn?t have any update about the game. The last post asked about the playerbase?s favorite Eevee evolution. At best, the Pokemon GO rare nest migration might be an automated system for its servers, so Niantic may not announce it. The best thing that players can do about this is just prepare and adapt.

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