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Pokemon GO Rare Nest: Major Migration Coming This Week?

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While most of the Pokemon GO buzz has been on the buddy system, that might change soon. As with all updates of the mobile game, it seems like some Pokemon rare nest locations will be changed. This isn’t anything new, but it’s worth mentioning for those who want to evolve certain Pokemon.

Nest locations have been very important for hardcore fans of the game. These usually help players get the best possible evolutions like Gyarados. Now that the update is here, fans can expect these locations to change sooner or later. That’s not particularly a bad thing, since it continues the exploration trend that the game wants from fans.

When Do These Changes Occur?

If these fans on Reddit are to be believed, they will change in three to four days. Pokemon GO fans that remember certain locations for specific creatures might have to look elsewhere soon. Like some of the previous updates, certain Pokemon might not appear for a while. More on that later.

Since there are a few days left, fans should consider going to some Pokemon rare nest locations while they can. This could be their last chance to stock up on Eevee for a while. Fans hoping to evolve their Magikarp better start heading to any nests they know, though the buddy system might help.

New Pokemon Nests?

Pokemon GO rare nest changes don’t just mean some Pokemon areas get switched. It also means some Pokemon get replaced with others. So a Poliwag nest can easily become an Abra one or vice versa. This doesn’t mean that the Pokemon will permanently disappear or anything like that. This just means that certain nests will disappear for a while.

It’s an interesting move, as it adds some variety to the game. Fans content with the Pokemon nest locations will be forced to find them elsewhere. It makes the game less predictable, which is always good.

Pokemon GO is available now. The mobile game is a free download on both iOS and Android stores. Fans who want extra items or bag space can purchase them with real money.?

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