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Pokemon GO Rare Nest: Major Changes Live! New Nests And What To Expect

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Pokemon GO

It?s been a few months since the release of Pokemon GO, but a few players might not still be done with catching all of the gen 1 Pokemon for now. Luckily, Rare Nests are always available to make the feat easier. However, the nests themselves change from time to time, and players need to do a bit of research to see which Pokemon appear in which area. Here are some of the changes in Pokemon GO Rare Nest.

Live Changes With Rare Nests

According to The Silph Road, Rare Nests worldwide are currently changing. Pokemon are currently migrating to other areas so there will be new Pokemon in some of the known Pokemon GO Rare Nests. This means that players shouldn?t expect the same Pokemon from the Nests they are regulars of.

The Silph Road reports that ?large nests like Central Park are now clearly changed (from Nidoran-m to Sandshrew)! Notably, some of the permanent Charmander nests, for example, still remain Charmander nests and some perma-nests have seemingly disappeared. We have some research to do to better understand these anomalies.?

The Nests are currently changing but not all Pokemon have migrated just yet. At this rate, the migration could be finished after a couple of days or so. It would be best to actually check out The Silph Road from time to time to check out the changes.

Pokemon GO Rare Nests are a good thing as they allow players to catch several units of one specie of Pokemon. This is particularly useful when getting evolutions. Since the Rare Nests change specie from time to time, it sometimes becomes?hard to keep track of which area has which Pokemon. The good thing is that there are a few outlets like The Silph Road that documents the changes.

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