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Pokemon GO Rare Nest: Location Changes And What To Expect

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Pokemon GO

As you play more of Niantic?s hit mobile game, you may find a Pokemon GO Rare Nest. Nests are places where a single type of Pokemon spawns abundantly in an area. However, fans have noticed that these nests often shift their spawns after some time. Here?s what we know so far.

According to pulsivesilver?s thread on the SilphRoad Reddit, some Pokemon GO Rare Nests change the Pokemon spawned after some time. This means players will continuously be surprised with new spawns every now and then. This also means that you can?t rely on the nests to continuously churn out the same Pokemon in the long run. However, there are also some Pokemon nests that don?t change their spawn, so take note of them if you ever find them.

Meanwhile, Reddit user dogebiscuit speculates that the shuffling in Pokemon GO Rare Nest spawns may have a pattern. This can help players predict the next Pokemon that will take over the nest. It?s possible that the Pokemon?s Pokedex ID is tied to Pokemon GO?s automated systems which shuffles the rare nests. Dogebiscuit?s theory states that the next Pokemon specie to take over the nest is at least 15 entries near the current occupant of the Pokedex number. However, fans may still have to test this out over a few months to actually determine if there?s a pattern or wait for Niantic to explain how Nests work in the game.

Pokemon GO Rare Nests exist in the game to help solve the Pokemon Candy grind. Pokemon Candies are needed for Pokemon evolutions and level-ups, along with Stardust. If you?re aiming to play competitively or just like collecting one Pokemon specie, it might be smart to check for nests near your area and hang out there.

For now, these spawn changes may make a Pokemon GO Rare Nest more valuable than simply being a static bonus for players living in certain areas. If you?re planning to bring friends to nests, make sure to double check its spawn before you start grouping in an area.

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