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Pok?mon Go Rare Candy: Boost, Powers & What You Need To Know

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Ever since its release late last week, Pokemon Go has definitely created noise across the globe. For those who are wondering how they can upgrade their Pokemons, it is through candies and here are some of the ways you can get a candy in the game.

Candies have played crucial roles in the past games of the Pokemon franchise, and in this latest game, they still play huge roles in the Pokemon?s development. According to reports, candies are required to power up or sometimes evolve your monsters. However, it is quite difficult to get those power up candies, but here are some simpler ways to get those.

A starter or rare Pokemon both need candy to upgrade and the basic way to gather some is through catching that specific Pokemon you want and every one of them that come across your path. Reports say that every time you catch a Pokemon, you will get three of their candy, and with that, it makes fairly easy to get candies.

Another method trainers could use to get candies in Pokemon Go is through catching a specific monster over and over again and trade the duplicates to Professor Willow. After the process is done, he would give you some candies. So, if you want to power up Bulbasaur, you have to catch more of them to get the candies it needs to power up. However, keep in mind that once traded, you cannot get those Pokemon back.

Stopping by Pokestops is also a method every trainer should try to get some of those candies. Although it is not certain that you are going to find a candy in those establishments, still, it is worth a show especially if the shops are close in your area.

Now, after you have collected enough candies to upgrade your Pokemon, then it is definitely the time to do it. How? You just have to select the specific Pokemon in the menu and choose Power Up or Evolve depending on what you intend to do.

There you have it! Some of the methods you can use to gather candies in Pokemon Go. If you discover other ways to get candies, be sure to share it on the comment section below.Pho

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