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Pokemon GO Raids: What Fans Want

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A Shiny Magikarp
Shiny Magikarp In Pokemon GO [Image Captured From Pokemon GO Gameplay]

Niantic could be readying a new feature in Pokemon GO and it’s going to be an exciting one at that. It might only be a couple of weeks from now before Niantic reveals Pokemon GO Raids and we’ve yet to know what exactly the new feature will bring. However, fans are already well aware of what they want in the upcoming feature.

Legendary Pokemon

Right off the bat, players who’ve seen the recent Pogodev discord leak have probably thought that Legendary Pokemon are finally coming to the game and there’s good reason behind the speculation. It’s been a long time since the game launched and fans are very eager to get the 11 Legendary Pokemon that are missing from their Pokedexes.

Another thing to consider as to why the Legendary creatures are coming to Pokemon GO Raids is because of the reveal trailer for the game. The trailer shows off a lot of players battling against a common foe which is MewTwo. It’s a pretty similar setup to raids in MMORPGs, but back then, fans dubbed the anticipated feature as a Global Event.

Based on the codes, players are going to be able to participate in major battles. Hopefully, Niantic finally introduces the Legendary Pokemon to the game. It’s high time that players finally have the chance to catch or even battle Mew, MewTwo, the Legendary Bird Trio and other Legendary Pokemon.

Amazing Rewards

It feels like Pokemon GO Raids are going to be tough in-game events since many players can join in on the fun. If that is the case, Niantic should at least give players a lot of rewards for participating in the Raids. The rewards could range from extra XP, items and Candy, but we’ll take whatever Niantic throws our way.

Shiny Variants

When it comes to rewards for the Pokemon GO Raids, fans are definitely looking forward to get more Shiny variants through the anticipated feature. Getting a Shiny variant in the Pokemon RPG is no joke and although it seems like getting Shinies in Pokemon GO is easier, they’re still a pretty rare find.

If Niantic does make Shiny variants as a reward in the upcoming Pokemon GO feature, then it’s almost certain that many players will partake in Raids as it would be a good opportunity to get Shiny Pokemon.

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