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Pokemon GO Raids Release Date And Gameplay Details We Know So Far

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Any Pokemon can be found after a migration. [Image from Pokemon GO Facebook]

Aside from the new Pokemon GO Easter event, the game’s community is certainly also excited about an upcoming feature in the game that is set to push the augmented reality title to new heights. It was previously revealed in a leak that raids are coming to the game and all we can do now is wait. Here’s every detail we know so far about the Pokemon GO Raids release date and gameplay features.

Pokemon GO Raids Release Date

Niantic is yet to reveal the Pokemon GO Raids release date but since dataminers have found lines of codes for it, Niantic could finally be readying the feature. For a more solid release frame, Niantic’s personnel have revealed in a recent interview that there will be a major event this summer.

It was also hinted in the interview that the major event has something to do with the MewTwo scene in the Pokemon GO launch trailer. From what we’re seeing, it’s very likely that raids are coming this summer. Coincidentally, the anniversary of Pokemon GO’s official launch falls on July. There’s a huge chance that the Pokemon GO Raids release date could fall on the same date as the anniversary.

Gameplay Features

Raids are new in Pokemon GO, but it’s a gameplay feature that’s commonly found in MMORPGs already. In MMORPGs, raids pertain to events that require groups of players going up against a certain foe. In some cases, raids could pertain to players going inside a dungeon filled with loot and powerful enemies.

Based on the leak, the Pokemon GO Raids feature will also require groups of players to participate in raids that appear around certain areas. While we’ve yet to know what form of raids will Niantic add in, players are hoping that the upcoming feature will see them going up against some powerful creatures that players have yet to see in the game. More specifically, players are wishing to go up against Legendary Pokemon in the raids.

Legendary Pokemon

Since Niantic talked about the MewTwo scene in the recent interview, it’s very likely that what we saw as Global Events then could be the upcoming feature that fans are anticipating now. Whatever the case, we might have only a few months to wait before the Pokemon GO Raids release date.

On the wish list of Pokemon GO players since the game released are Legendary Pokemon. It’s also weird that gen 1 and gen 2 Pokemon are out already but we’ve yet to see traces of the Legendary Pokemon.

When the Pokemon GO Raids leak came out, a few players were quick to speculate that Legendary Pokemon are coming in the game as well. The game is currently missing 11 Legendary Pokemon: Zapdos, Articuno, Moltres, Mew, MewTwo, Entei, Suicine, Raikou, Lugia, Ho-oh and Celebi.

Looking back at the Pokemon GO trailer once again, it was obvious that the Legendary Pokemon can’t be acquired through regular means only. Instead, it was obvious that Niantic will introduce unique mechanics for the special Pokemon when they come in the game. A lot of signs are pointing to raids and legendary Pokemon being related and it could very well be the case when the game launches.

When the Pokemon GO Raids release date comes, there’s no doubting that players will be rewarded with amazing items. On our end, there will be no bigger reward than getting a hand at the Legendary Pokemon. Aside from that, players can also expect to get a hand at some amazing bonuses as well.

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