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Pokemon GO: Raids And Gym Improvements Aren’t Enough To Make The Game Popular Again

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Pokemon GO Trading As Seen From Trailer
People Trading In Pokemon GO [Image Captured From Pokemon GO Trading]

Niantic’s next major update for the Pokemon based augmented reality game adds the anticipated Gym Rework and Raid mechanic to the game. The developer might be hoping that the update will once again put Pokemon GO at the top of the popularity charts in the App Store and Play Store. However, there’s a goods chance that Niantic’s effort won’t be enough.

As compared to the launch version of the game, there’s certainly a lot more content in Pokemon GO. In the past year, Niantic has added a lot of things to the game including events, tweaks and expansion of the Pokemon roster. Despite this, the popularity of Pokemon GO now is nowhere near to what it was when it launched. It was a global phenomenon but it’s popularity has declined a month after launch. There’s still hope for Niantic to bring back the former glory of the game though.

Trading And PvP

There are a lot of promised features for the game and two of those are Trading and PvP. Both exciting features have a good chance at making the game more popular again. The augmented reality title lacks interaction between players and the closest thing to interaction players have now is with the Raid Battles.

Pokemon veterans are used to competitive action and that’s why Pokemon GO players are keen on getting PvP in the game. It would give the title more depth and it can add a new level of competitiveness to the game. As for Trading, players are most probably looking for other means of expanding their roster, so this feature is anticipated as well. Niantic should get to introducing these features soon if they want to draw players back into the game.

Gen 3

It has been months since Niantic has added Gen 2 to the game and it’s very likely that players have caught all that they could catch in the list of available Pokemon. Having new Pokemon to catch is essential, especially for casual players. There’s plenty of casual gamers who neglect Gym battles, as they simply like taking a walk while catching Pokemon they’ve never seen before.

By now, many players are looking for hints of Gen 3 in APKs but there’s no clue as to when the next set of Pokemon will come. Niantic should act fast and add Gen 3 as players are going to flock the game once again if a new set of Pokemon arrive.
Since there are no traces of the Gen 3 Pokemon just yet, players might have to wait awhile longer before they finally arrive.

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