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Pokemon GO Raids: Everything We Know So Far

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Pokemon GO Raids
PHOTOGRAPH: Niantic | Screenshot Captured From Pokemon GO Trailer

Niantic is definitely not done with their plans for Pokemon GO as a new leak suggest that there’s an upcoming feature to the game. The rumored feature is set to make fans very excited as it’s an MMO feature that brings a lot of players together. Here’s everything we know so far about the Pokemon GO Raids.

The lines of codes hinting at a possible Pokemon GO Raids feature has been spotted by the guys over at Pogodev discord [via The Silph Road]. While we’ve yet to know what these codes are for exactly, it’s pretty obvious from a few lines that Niantic will bring a popular MMO feature into the game.

  • “nearby_raid_notification_toast|1” “There’s a raid about to start near you!”
  • “nearby_raid_notification_toast|2” “A raid’s going to start nearby!” “????

For those unfamiliar with the term, Raids in MMOs refer to in-game events that pits players against tough bosses or dungeons. A large amount of players are required to finish a Raid and if they manage to finish it, then there will be a lot of rewards waiting for them.

From the look of things, the leak could be referring to the Global Events we’ve seen in the reveal trailer for Pokemon GO. In the trailer, we see a ton of players rallying to Time Square to face off with MewTwo. This has been a long anticipated feature for players and it’s high time that Niantic finally launches it.

A few months ago, Niantic CEO John Hanke noted that Global Events will still come to the game, but he didn’t delve any deeper as to its release date. It’s very possible that the Global Events he’s been talking about could be the recently leaked Pokemon GO Raids feature.

After the leak, players can’t help but feel as if Legendary Pokemon are also coming soon. In the launch trailer for Pokemon GO, players had to face off against a Legendary Pokemon in an event. It’s also speculated that this is one of the ways to catch a Legendary Pokemon in the full game.

Since the line of codes already reveal that the feature is coming, it’s likely that we’ll be seeing it in the game in the months to come. As with other datamines, we might have to wait for a while before Niantic officially releases what was leaked.

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