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Pokemon GO Raids: Features It Should Borrow From Other Games

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In a surprising leak, it was revealed late last week that there might be a new feature coming to Pokemon GO. The Raid feature is expected to arrive in the game, but players are still uninformed of how Niantic could execute the anticipated feature. The developer does have a few inspirations it can look into on how it can execute the Pokemon GO Raids feature.

When the launch trailer for Pokemon GO was revealed, it had a scene that featured players fighting MewTwo in Time Square. This could very well be the anticipated Pokemon GO Raid feature. Seeing as Raids are already a feature in other games, players are expecting it to be a simple players versus boss set-up, but Niantic could turn things around with a new take on it.

Pokemon Shuffle

One of the expected components of the upcoming Pokemon GO Raids feature is the rewards system. For this, Niantic could look in the direction of Pokemon Shuffle and how the game rewards players during events that feature Legendary Pokemon being available for a set of time.

In Pokemon Shuffle, players per region are ranked according to their performance in the game. From there, they will be rewarded based on their ranking and the higher the rank, the better the prize. Only the top players get a hand at the Legendary Pokemon while the lower ranked players get items.

This would be a good system to follow for the Raids system in Pokemon GO as it would be more fair and exciting. Aside from the challenge against fighting Raid bosses, players will also have to compete against each other. When it comes to how players will be ranked, Niantic could count the damage players do against the Raid boss, if there is one.


One of the early forms of Raids was found in the ever popular Runescape. In the game, Raids take place in a specific area in the world. Players of 10 take on a boss and they’ll be rewarded with amazing items after the battle. It’s a simple set up and it could be a convenient route for players if Niantic copies this for Pokemon GO Raids.

Many are speculating that all players nearby a Raid can participate in it. If this is indeed the case, then area could get overcrowded. What Niantic could do is put a limit on how many players can join in on a Raid in one area to avoid having way too many participants. This would also prevent any server issues as not an insane amount of players will get in a certain area.

Pokemon Sun and Moon

One of the exciting new features introduced in Pokemon Sun and Moon are Global Missions. In this group-based feature, players from all over the globe work together to accomplish a certain goal that expires after a certain amount of time has passed. The missions include capturing Pokemon and other basic tasks. It gave players more reason to get in the game.

Niantic could copy the setup of Pokemon Sun and Moon’s Global Missions by unlocking Legendary Pokemon with insane amounts of HP. All players will go against the Pokemon and they have to beat it before it’s time runs out. Those who deal the most damage should be rewarded with a higher chance to get the Legendary Pokemon.

With this feature, Niantic can at least ensure that every player has a chance to get the Legendary Pokemon. Moreover, it would be neat to see all players of Pokemon GO going against one common enemy.

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