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Pokemon GO: Quick Throw Dark Shadow Bug Fix

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Pokemon GO

The core gameplay feature that makes Pokemon GO feel like a full-fledged Pokemon game is the mechanic for catching the Pokemon. Doing this is as easy as swiping the screen to throw a PokeBall towards a Pokemon. However, there?s still catch rates and Pokemon breaking free that players have to worry about. We previously shared a trick on how to catch Pokemon on the first try, but doing it could cause the game to glitch. Luckily, a player has discovered a workaround to the darkness bug in Pokemon GO.

Redditor Raikuduo recently shared a fix for the bug that happens when players try the quick throw technique. To keep the screen from going black after using quick throw, players need to avoid spamming a PokeBall throw when the battle begins. There is an exact moment when players should throw the ball, and that?s when the screen zooms out and the CP of the Pokemon is visible.

The player adds that he had a 100 percent accurate throw with the method, and the game didn?t glitch even once. He also said that the technique only be used on low CP Pokemon or very common creatures. Using it on rare Pokemon is not advised as the creature might escape if only a normal PokeBall is used. This technique only ensures that you hit the Pokemon with your PokeBall, but it doesn?t increase your chances of successfully capturing it.

The quick throw trick, also called the SinaThrow, was discovered a few weeks ago in a bid to help players catch those very quick Pokemon. The trick is done through switching off AR mode first. Once the battle starts, Pokemon GO players need to constantly swipe the screen in order to throw a PokeBall immediately before the Pokemon begins to move and dodge any PokeBalls thrown at it. If the Pokemon manages to break out of the PokeBall, players must get out of the encounter then get back in catching it again.

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