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Pokemon GO PVP: What To Expect

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Source: The World of Pokémon GO has Expanded! video

Niantic has a lot planned for Pokemon GO and whatever it is players have access to in the game now is just a taste of the full experience. The developer is slowly revealing their future plans for the game as Pokemon GO is slowly expanding before our eyes. One of the upcoming features for the game is a Pokemon GO PvP mode, which is set to come this Summer.

Niantic recently revealed that the anticipated Pokemon GO PvP feature is coming this Summer along with Legendary Pokemon. How Niantic will execute the PvP action for the mobile game is still a mystery but we can already expect a few things from it before it makes its way into the game this Summer.

Battles In Proximity

Like the upcoming trading feature, battles are most likely to take place locally rather than online. This is likely to prevent cheaters from taking advantage of an online connection to ruin battles. All that’s left now is to figure out whether players will be limited to fight others face to face or from a few kilometers away from each other.

Harsh Penalties

Cheaters have plagued Pokemon GO since the mobile game released last year. The developer has recently taken major steps to address cheaters in the game. Nonetheless, we can all expect that cheaters are going to find new ways to exploit the game once the PvP feature arrives.

The good thing is that we can also expect Niantic to find more ways to reprimand cheaters from exploiting the game. There might be harsh punishments such as bans and a tweaked shop for cheaters, and we’re excited to see how Niantic will address this upcoming issue.

Competitive Events

With the PvP feature coming up, Niantic might ramp up the competitiveness of the game. To this date, the developer has still yet to add a ranking system, and it’s a much requested feature since Pokemon fans are used to getting competitive against one another. In Pokemon Shuffle for example, a global ranking feature allows players get to have a Legendary Pokemon after an event. That being said, Niantic might go as far as introducing competitive events for Pokemon GO with items and bonuses as rewards for those who rank high in their region.

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