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Pokemon GO PvP: Battling Now In Development? No Firm Release Date Yet, Says Niantic

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The Pokemon GO PvP battling feature will come to the mobile game, but Niantic has not revealed when. In a recent interview, Niantic CEO John Hanke said that PvP battles will be added via?future updates, but he didn?t reveal specific details.

Hanke told TechCrunch that the company recently introduced the Pokemon buddy feature. He also said that they have already introduced many new changes to the game. The company reportedly discuss the battling feature a lot, and it will surely be available soon, Hanke said.

Regarding the development of this feature, Hanke didn?t reveal anything specific. He was asked whether the developers in Niantic Labs are working on the Pokemon GO PvP. His reply was, ?It is something that we will probably make its way on to our roadmap, but I don?t have a specific date for you.?

Hanke said that just like the other highly anticipated changes and features, Pokemon Go PvP battles will also be added to the game. Fans have already suggested many things to Niantic for the upcoming PvP battle feature.

Player Vs Player

Niantic has introduced Gym battles at launch. In Gym battles, players place their Pokemon to fight others who want to claim it, but they cannot fight against players of their choice. Gym battles allow the players to gain rewards upon winning, but it only allows?them to fight against a trainer who owns the gym. Fans want to see a feature which allows them to fight in real time against their friends.

The company also previously confirmed some Pokemon GO features such as trading, events and more. Now that the game is available in many regions around the world, fans are eagerly waiting for the new features Niantic promised. CEO Hanke told fans that the game will grow significantly, and players can be assured to see new changes.?

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