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Pokemon GO Promo Codes Confirmed One-Time Use Only, Still Unavailable On iOS

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pokemon go promo codes
No promo codes for iOS devices. [Image from Pokemon GO Facebook]

To raise interest in the mobile game, Niantic has released special Pokemon GO promo codes, giving players some exclusive goodies. While they don’t give players any legendary Pokemon, they do give useful items and register fans for the Sprint event. A fan on Reddit was also able to confirm that these codes are a one-time use only, so no exploitation.

According to the Redditor, items he received from the promo code includes two incense, one lucky egg, 15 Pokeballs, and five Great Balls. This is the first time we’ve heard promo codes being used since the feature was introduced on Android last month.

Oddly enough, iOS owners don’t have access to the codes yet, so it’s an Android-only promo for now. The codes were given by Sprint, but it doesn’t register for iOS phones for some reason. Sprint is an official partner of the game, so it’s odd that this promo would limit the game’s massive audience.

No iOS Love?

The mobile game is available for both iOS and Android devices, so the limited Pokemon GO promo codes are disappointing. Admittedly, not all countries have Sprint to begin with and sponsors are limited to certain regions, so the codes were always going to be limited to some fans. Still, not having them for iOS fans is disappointing, since some of these items are hard to get in-game.

Perhaps the codes will be available on a later time for iOS devices, but only time will tell if that actually happens. Apple normally doesn’t allow these kinds of promos, which might be why the iOS version still lacks the promo code feature in the game. On Twitter, the Sprint Care account stated that the codes are indeed Android only, at least for now that is.

More Fun For Everyone

While the limited Pokemon GO promo codes won’t please everyone, there are more things to look forward to. Legendary Pokemon are set to appear in a Summer event, and we might even get a PVP mode. The latter is a long time coming, since they teased it during the game’s initial launch  and failed to deliver.

If more events like this pop up, it would be great if Apple allowed their version of the game to get rewards like these. Sprint might even be open to that, so it’s really up to the iOS company to let these promos happen. Here is hoping they reach an agreement in the future, so everyone will be able to participate in future promos like these.

Pokemon GO is available now on iOS and Android devices, so pretty much anyone can download it. While downloading the game is free, there are certain things fans can pay for, like additional egg incubators and bag space.

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