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Pokemon GO Promo Codes Officially Live, All Redeemable Rewards Revealed By Niantic

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Pokemon GO Promo Codes
Source: The World of Pokémon GO has Expanded! video

Redeeming promotional codes is now available as of this new Pokemon GO update. However, the Pokemon GO promo codes feature is only available for the Android version right now. Niantic also confirmed a few obtainable rewards from this newly implemented system.

Promotional Code Claim System

Pokemon GO’s in-game shop, particularly on the Android version, now has its new “Redeem Promotional Code” feature. According to the official Pokemon GO support site, players just need to type in a code and they’ll be granted with some in-game loot. Fans are already speculating that this new feature would lead to more Pokemon GO events in the future.

“Partnerships and Special Events”

The official post about the promotional code feature mentions that the codes will come from “partnerships and special events”. Niantic’s partnership with other businesses or companies isn’t a strange thing. Pokemon GO has already partnered with several establishments in the past such as 7-Eleven, Starbucks, McDonalds to turn them into PokeStops and Gyms.  

Potentially, Niantic may employ a similar tactic with their future events and partnerships will dispense these codes for Pokemon GO players. Keep an eye out for any official announcements about these events that give out these Pokemon GO promo codes to maximize your progress.


Niantic lists few of the rewards through this new Pokemon GO promo codes system. Pokeballs, Lure Modules, and Lucky Eggs can be obtained from the codes. However, Niantic promises “more” beyond in-game loot which could mean event exclusive loot or even event Pokemon. In other smartphone games, promo codes are commonplace especially if the developers throw out events that give specific rewards to select players.

Leak Confirmation

Previously, Pokemon GO dataminers were able to discover this feature in the game’s files way before it was released. This event proves that most Pokemon GO features can be found early as long as Niantic uploads information on the game’s back end. However, surprise events are still out of reach, but fans will always know if major updates are coming up.

Currently, Pokemon GO still has many Pokemon content to catch up on and plenty new feature improvements to do. The game is still in its second Pokemon generation of creatures. It also doesn’t have anything else to do than catch Pokemon and make them fight in Gyms. Potentially, the promotional code feature can contribute to the fun to attract new and old players alike.

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