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Pokemon GO Promo Codes: No Region Lock, Global Event Rewards, And Everything We Can Learn From Ingress’ Passcodes

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Pokemon GO Promo Codes
Source: The World of Pokémon GO has Expanded! video

Niantic’s Pokemon GO has just received its new promo code redemption system. Dedicated fans have already discussed how Pokemon GO’s passcodes generally work from Niantic’s previous game, Ingress. Promo codes details about region locks, global events, and in-game rewards were also discussed.

Pokemon GO’s Passcodes Similar To Ingress

As discussed on davidj93’s thread, Pokemon GO promo codes are extremely similar to Ingress’ passcode system. Studying how Ingress’ passcodes work would definitely help if this is the case. However, Niantic has yet to confirm if they’re using a similar system or code layout for Pokemon GO.

How To Get Promo Codes

Ingress passcodes were given out in real life events which could be the same for Pokemon GO promo codes. Fans would actually have to go to sponsored establishments or events to obtain these codes. Niantic also distributed codes online. Promo codes could either be single-use for one person or can be claimed once by anyone who inputs the code.

Ingress had special international events that were restricted to specific countries for their fans to solve. Niantic could pull off a similar feat in Pokemon GO to release promo codes and even legendary Pokemon to the public. Fans should usually expect Pokemon GO promo codes for these large events.

Region Locking Isn’t An Issue

Due to Pokemon GO’s international coverage, fans may worry if codes will have a region lock which could deny fans of these bonuses. However, the only way to region lock fans out of codes is if they don’t have the means to claim it themselves. At best, you could wait for large Pokemon GO communities to share the codes.

Promo Code Rewards

Ingress passcode rewards were usually tools to help them contest and defend spots from the other team. Niantic has already confirmed that players will get loot like Pokeballs, Lure Modules,  and Lucky Eggs from these codes. Potentially, these promo code loots could be given out in larger quantities to entice the fans to get codes whenever possible.

Additionally, the promocodes in Ingress never included premium items. It’s possible Pokemon GO will not lock Legendary Pokemon and region exclusive creatures behind promo codes if this is the case.

iOS Issue

Currently, the Pokemon GO promo code system isn’t applied in Apple due to its restrictions against the system. Until Niantic finds a way to settle this with Apple, iOS Pokemon GO players may not enjoy a single bit of this new system’s rewards.

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