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Pokemon GO Promo Codes Could Spell Disaster For The Mobile Game

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Any Pokemon can be found after a migration. [Image from Pokemon GO Facebook]

Pokemon GO got updated with a new features recently and it added Promo Codes to the augmented reality game. Niantic’s new step towards more new features to the game is getting mixed reactions from the community but overall, players are unsure of what to think about the Pokemon GO promo codes.

The newly implemented feature allows players to get rewards by simply typing in a code. The codes will come from sponsors and partners in the future. It may sound like a huge benefit for Pokemon GO players but looking at it deeply, the new feature could potentially ruin the game.

Legendary Pokemon

To date, we’ve still yet to see how Niantic will give us the chance to finally catch the elusive Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon GO. Niantic’s post about the promo codes revealed that these can be acquired through “partnerships and special events.” The keyword here is special events as Legendary Pokemon in the game have always been associated with this.

There’s a chance that Niantic might make Legendary Pokemon obtainable only through Pokemon GO promo codes. While it’s an easier method to come across the special Pokemon, die-hard fans are going to be outraged if this happens since it’s going to be an insult to how Legendary Pokemon are gotten in the RPGs.

Some of the promo codes could have limited use whilst being released freely on the internet.  It’s also possible some codes could be redeemed once by everyone. Seeing this mechanic, Legendary Pokemon from promo codes are looking more and more likely as it would at least stay true to the their “rare” status.

Regional Pokemon

Another issue that promo codes could have is that Niantic could place in regional Pokemon behind the codes. It would be easier to capture all Pokemon if this is indeed the case. However, the overall experience of having to work hard for each Pokemon, including those not in our respective regions, will be ruined.

Exclusive Items

There’s also a chance that players can get exclusive items from the Pokemon GO promo codes. While this doesn’t seem like a big issue at first, it’s going to be a problem in the long run as not all players might have the chance to get the exclusive items. Looking at how some promo codes will have a limited number of people using them, it could be a first come, first served basis for the exclusive items locked behind promo codes.

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