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Pokemon GO Professor Willow vs Pokemon Sun and Moon?s Kukui: Who’s The Hottest Professor? [Poll]

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Pokemon GO

One of the oddest Pokemon-related battles is happening right now, and it doesn’t involve any of the elemental-based creatures. Professor Willow from Pokemon GO and Professor Kukui from Sun and Moon have been described as handsome by many a fan, and now it’s time to debate who is the hotter one.

Kukui originally took the Internet by storm due to his good looks, at least when compared with other professors in the Pokemon series. Had it not been for the appearance of Professor Willow, he would probably win the award for the most handsome Pokemon professor, but obviously that isn’t the case.

Now that Professor Willow has appeared, however, it looks like it’s going to be a competition. Willow is a bit older, sure, but he definitely comes across as a handsome old man, and he has grown quite a fan base, despite only appearing a few days ago. Clearly, that is the magic of the Internet and fandom.

Willow has been humorously called ?daddy? by the Pokemon GO fans who are infatuated with the single anime-style portrait of the character. He might not have the best fashion sense, however, as one Twitter user pointed out that he wears Crocs, but his good looks more than make up for it.

Is Professor Kukui still the hottest?

Some fans have even considered ?shipping? Kukui and Willow just because both characters are good-looking. This is an odd trend that the most recent Pokemon games have started, as even X and Y had a youthful professor, though he has nothing on these two. Fans can only hope one of these two characters appear in the anime.

It’s somewhat amusing that these two have gained a following, since both characters just fill a simple role: giving the player their Pokemon. Perhaps this will let Nintendo characterize their professors in the future games more? Only time will tell, but this is definitely an interesting new era for the beloved game series.

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Pokemon GO is available now in certain countries for iOS and Android devices. The game should be available soon to the rest of the world. Meanwhile, Pokemon Sun and Moon are slated for a November 18 release for the 3DS.

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