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Pokemon GO Prestige & Fast XP Tips: Use Low CP Pokemon To Train At Gyms

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One of the core gameplay features of Pokemon GO is Pokemon Gyms and Gym Battles. It?s also a feature that?s present in any other Pokemon RPG, but it plays a bit different. Becoming one of the best trainer in the game takes a lot of hard work, but there are a few workarounds and tips to make it an easier task.

To make Pokemon Gyms harder to attack from would-be opponents, players need to raise the Prestige of their Gym. Prestige determines just how many Pokemon can be allocated to defend the Gym. The higher the Prestige, the more defending Pokemon there is. The more defending Pokemon there is, the harder it is for enemies to take over.

Raising Prestige is as easy as attacking other Gyms, but Pokemon GO players can also do friendly gym battles to raise Prestige even by a little bit. One player has discovered a new trick to make sure that Prestige gains are higher than usual.

Redditor SneakyKs tested a theory regarding Prestige gains during friendly gym battles. The player noticed that he is getting low Prestige with his 1500 CP Vaporeon. He took out three defending Pokemon, but the Prestige was raised only by a mere 500.

It was then that he decided to use a weaker Pokemon with a particularly low CP. After a battle between a 1314 CP Arcanine against the players 733 CP Sandslash, the player got a total of 896 in Prestige gain. The player even managed to create a formula that determines how much Prestige will be gained in the battle, which is P=500*(D/A).

Basically, if players want to raise the Prestige of friendly Gyms in Pokemon GO, it?s better to use weaker Pokemon. Since there are no consequences in losing during friendly gym battles, taking one for the team isn?t too bad.

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