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Pokemon GO PokeVision And Other Trackers No Longer Needed? Here’s 3 Reasons Why

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A recent update to Pokemon GO finally gave players a new way to make tracking down Pokemon easier using the all-new Pokemon Sightings feature. The app shows players which Pokemon are nearby in the most accurate way possible, but it doesn?t reveal the exact location of the Pokemon per se, unlike PokeVision. Despite its shortcomings, Sightings is still a pretty good feature, and here are three reasons why third-party trackers are no longer needed after the latest update.

The New Tracker Is Probably Going To Get Better

Even before the update, fans already knew that there was a tracker on the way. The new sightings feature isn?t what fans wanted exactly, but it?s a step toward a better Pokemon GO. Chances are Niantic?s going to improve the Sightings tracker with each update, and we?re pretty excited for the end product.

Third-Party Apps Ruined The Game?

Let?s all agree that Pokemon GO was pretty easy before PokeVision and other third-party apps were removed in the game. However, we can also agree that these apps affected how players worked hand in hand to catch all of the Pokemon. Thanks to the trackers, players no longer need the help of other players.

Back in the days, Pokemon RPG players often needed the help of other players just to complete the Pokedex. We?re starting to see why Niantic removed trackers from the game, and it is to preserve the gaming experience. Thanks to Pokemon Sightings, things may have gotten a bit better now. The good thing though is that tracker users don?t affect other players unlike those who use bots.

Trackers Made The Game Too Easy

Some players also believe that trackers made Pokemon GO way too easy, which is true, considering that Pokemon are instantly seen in a map and all players have to do is walk toward them. Again, while the trackers help in making Pokemon catching easier, it somewhat ruins the point of having to travel just to catch Pokemon.

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