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Pok?mon GO PokeVision Tracker Is Not For Cheating, Says Creator; App Rating Drops After Take Down

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Niantic is receiving backlash for their actions these past few days, and things aren?t looking good for the developer. At the end of the spectrum is Pokemon GO, which had a dramatic decrease in both ratings and player count. There?s a lot of reasons to point out why the once beloved company is under fire, but most of the negativity roots from the revamped Pokemon Nearby and the now shut down PokeVision.

A few days ago, Niantic ?fixed? the tracker in Pokemon Nearby by completely removing it along with the infamous three-step bug. A few days prior to the update, Niantic said that it isn?t in favor of third-party apps. By then, PokeVision users knew that the web app won?t last too long, but not many expected that Niantic would order the site to be shut down after the in-game tracker was removed. Players are both tracker-less and angry, and PokeVision creator Yang Liu recently spoke out about the recent events.

In a heartfelt letter, Liu wrote, ?We made Pokevision not to ?cheat.? We made it so that we can have a temporary relief to the in-game tracker that we were told was broken. John, at SDCC, you said that you guys were working on ?fixing the in-game tracker.? This made everyone believe that this was coming sometime soon. We saw PokeVision as a stop gap to this???and we had every intention in closing it down the minute that Pokemon GO?s own tracker restored functionality.?

Liu added that if players check the page of Pokemon GO, ratings range from 1 to 1.5, a mediocre number as compared to the average rating of 4 to 5 weeks ago. Niantic recently spoke out about their recent actions and the comments of fans, but no apparent date has been set for an update to fix the game.

Pokemon GO is still a few days short of being a month old, and it?s already changed from one of the most played mobile titles to one of the hated ones. Fans are hoping that Niantic will begin turning things around very soon before all the hype dies down.

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