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Pokemon GO PokeVision Not Working? Complete List Of Alternatives Revealed: Pokemon GO Desktop Map, PokePilot, PokeAlert And More

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Pokemon GO

Niantic has pulled the plug on Pokemon tracking sites like PokeVision and PokeHound. With the inbuilt Pokemon tracking feature called Nearby removed in the newest update for Pokemon GO, players are now searching for the best alternatives for PokeVision. Here is a list of alternatives that can be used for finding Pokemon.

Pokemon GO Desktop Map

As the name goes, it can show a map of the Pokemon that have spawned in the vicinity. In order to use it, users need to download and install the software on their PC.

Users are then required to enter Google Maps key followed by login credentials of a non-Pokemon GO Google account. After running the app from the PC, users need to connect through a mobile browser and then receive notifications of Pokemon that have spawned nearby.

Compass for Pokemon GO

The Compass is available on the Google Play Store in beta version (not available in iOS yet). It is a simple app that shows a small compass on the game to show the Pokemon available in the vicinity. Even though it is not a mapping service like ?PokeVision, its users have stated that it is able to show nearby Pokemon accurately.

Pokemon GO


PokePilot is in beta phase and is only available for iOS users at present. Its description on official website reads that it can scan the geolocation around the player to discover the location of various Pokemon that are available nearby. It can also show how long a Pokemon will remain at a particular place.


Even though it may not be an accurate service, it is one of the PokeVision alternatives that Pokemon GO players are using now. Its description on Apple App Store states that it can show real-time locations of Pokemon along with a timer for each Pokemon to show how long they will remain at that spot.


It is yet another alternative for PokeVision that can display the Pokemon available nearby. Since it is a crowdsourced service, users have reported that it works efficiently only in larger cities.

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PokeMap Live

PokeMap Live for Android users has been built to show real-time location of all Pokemon in a given area through a map. Users on iOS can use PokeMap.

Using a Custom Scanner

Users who have technical knowledge can use the code available on GitHub and create a scanner on a PC and get alerts on Pokemon. To know more about it, users can head on to Reddit for discussion.

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