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Pokemon GO PokeVision: New Alternatives As Niantic Shuts Down Third Party Apps

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Recently, Niantic shut down third party sites that augment Pokemon GO with some extra functionalities like an accurate wild Pokemon tracker. Players will now have to find an alternative if they want an app similar to the recently taken down PokeVision site. Here are some suggestions to cope with the recent changes in the game.

Setting up your own Pokemon Tracker

As suggested by most players, players can set up their ?own ?Pokemon GO PokeVision? tracker on their own PC or mobile. On the SilphRoad Reddit, players have been sharing the Pokemon GO programs on GitHub. If players are knowledgeable enough to install these GitHub programs, they can set up one that?s most convenient for them and continue on their wild Pokemon hunts with their new Pokemon tracker.

Pokemon GO Compass app

While the third party sites have been taken down, players still have access to some unofficial Pokemon GO apps in their phone?s app stores. For example, the Compass for Pokemon app from Isaac W. Davis may help you find Pokemon. The app doesn?t work like a compass but points you directly instead to Pokemon locations. However, Niantic may remove apps like these soon if they are really serious about taking down sites like PokeVision.

The in-game Pokemon Nearby system

The in-game Pokemon tracker, Pokemon Nearby, has been “fixed” in the latest game update. Most of the players who?ve relied on third party Pok?mon tracker sites or apps wanted a quick workaround to this broken system. Those who want to use other?third party locators like PokeVision have no choice but to?wait?for new ones to come out as Niantic?seems to?have started reinforcing their rules.?

While it?s frustrating to get a handy tool get removed from the game, Niantic had to do it for the sake of improving the title. If Pokemon GO had more third-party programs that actually affected its gameplay, it?ll be harder for Niantic to balance the game all on their own. Despite the removal of these third party sites, server status checkers like ?ispokemongodownornot? are still up. For now, players can only rely on the Pokemon Nearby system or ask Niantic to implement a better Pokemon tracker in the game.

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