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Pokemon GO Pokevision: A Form Of Cheating?

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Third party Pokemon GO sites like PokeVision have popped up for the convenience of the game?s player base. These sites fix or satisfy some problems and missing features in Niantic?s game. However, these sites can be considered as a form of ?cheating? as they undermine the game?s social gameplay. Is using PokeVision a form of cheating in Pokemon GO?

PokeVision is an unofficial Pokemon GO site that allows players to track the spawn and despawn time of wild Pokemon in real time. Players can easily see the Pokemon around them and even make their trips convenient rather than just a random stroll around their city. This site was intended to help players as the three step Pokemon bug still prevents them from finding any Pokemon nearby.

It?s unclear if the site can be considered a cheating tool as PokeVision currently lies in a grey area, and it?s helpful to the gaming community. However, this site may become obsolete once the three step bug is actually fixed and the in-game Pokemon Nearby system is working again. ?

The site uses intercepted data to mark all the active wild Pokemon in the game. This definitely breaches Niantic?s data security and may prove to be a risk for heavy data leakage in the long run. Alternatively, the players using this site bypasses the struggle of randomly finding Pokemon as they can rely on PokeVision to find them easily on the map.

Currently, the continued existence of third party sites like PokeVision relies heavily on Niantic and the game community?s approval. On Niantic?s side, choosing not to cull these sites may make their game too reliant on third-party apps, leaving them unable to improve the game?s systems on their own. On the other hand, the benefits of these sites may encourage players to play the game, but Pokemon GO?s lack of solid endgame content may hurt it in the long run.

Nevertheless, these third party sites may just be a phase of the game?s growth. Pokemon GO is a young game and the first title of its kind to hit mainstream consumption, so it?ll definitely have grey areas when it comes to rules as well as problems unique to the game?s systems and genre. For now, we?ll have to wait for Niantic?s decision on these third party sites, if they?re really counted as ?cheating? or not.

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