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Pokemon GO Pokevision Down? Alternatives You Can Use [Updated]

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For the convenience of every player, some Pokemon GO fans have put up third-party sites that help monitor some of the game?s data like server status, active lure modules, and locations of nearby Pokemon. However, these sites like PokeVision are usually down and unavailable for regular use. Here are some alternatives you can use for the game.

As seen in standardoil2?s thread on the Silph Road subreddit, other fans suggested players to program their own third party Pokemon GO application if they don?t want to rely on the free ones out there. Players also provided the resources in creating their own server on Github. Players may need to have an idea on how Github programs work to use this service.

Once the program has been set, the players will now have a personal Pokemon GO ?PokeVision? radar of their own. Some programs are compatible to mobile phones and PCs, so you can take the ones you like.

Niantic has yet to react to these third party sites. PokeVision and other third party site data is actually built to intercept and monitor the information in the game like Pokemon spawns and server traffic. At worst, Niantic could do a crackdown on these sites and its users to protect the game?s data despite their benefit for some players.

For now, players may use these programs at their own risk since it lies in Pokemon GO?s overall grey area. In hindsight, the information manipulation in these sites can be counted as ?cheating? and a breach of Niantic?s Terms of Service. However, this is also a sign of community effort, with players willing to make the game easier for each other. Niantic and the game?s community must find a way to settle this issue to avoid both in-game and community problems in the long run.

According to Tech Insider?s interview with the PokeVision creator, the PokeVision team is willing to take the site down if Niantic orders so, despite it being a helpful tool for players. The PokeVision site mentions alleviating the effects of the three step bug which makes its impossible for players to find wild Pokemon due to the bugged pathfinding of the game?s systems. It?s actually possible for a crackdown to start after the Pokemon GO servers have stabilized and once the bugs are fixed. Stay updated on Pokemon GO news here on TheBitBag.


PokeVision and several other tracking sites have been shut down after Niantic released a new update. Thankfully, there’s still a couple of new trackers players can use.

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