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Pokemon GO PokeVision Alternative: How To Use Skiplagged To Find Nearby Pokemon In Real-Time?

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Pokemon GO players can no longer use PokeVision to track Pokemon. Hence, players are now searching for PokeVision alternatives. One of the Pokemon GO PokeVision alternatives that seems to work efficiently is Skiplagged.

Skiplagged is a website that can be used for finding cheap airfare and accommodations. However, it is also offering its own tool that works like PokeVision.

In other words, it can show the real-time location of Pokemon according to the current location of the player. Moreover, it can also let the player know how long the Pokemon would stay at a particular spot.

While searching for Pokemon using the Skiplagged tool, players can simply use the filter feature to find a desired Pokemon. Players can also deselect or select specific Pokemon from showing up on the map.

Pokemon GO Skiplagged

As of this writing, there is no confirmation on how Skiplagged is able to access Niantic?s data to show the real-time locations of Pokemon. Skiplagged can be used through a browser or through the Android app. Its developers are building an app for iOS.

Niantic has begun shutting down unofficial Pokemon tracking sites like PokeVision and PokeHound. Hence, it is likely that the company may pull the plug on Skiplagged.

There are couple of other Pokemon GO PokeVision alternatives that players are now using. Some of them include Compass, Pokemon GO Desktop Map, PokePilot, PokeAlert, PokeRadar and PokeMap Live.

Pokemon GO players are not only frustrated with the demise of PokeVision but also because of the removal of Nearby, the inbuilt Pokemon tracking feature of Pokemon GO.

It is a known fact that the feature was removed because it did not work efficiently. The developers at Niantic have confirmed that the Pokemon GO will soon get an improved version of Nearby feature.

Have you used Skiplagged? Are you use using any Pokemon GO tracking tool? Do let us know your thoughts by adding comments.

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