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Pokemon GO PokeVision Alternative: FastPokeMap Is The Best Pokemon Tracking Tool Available?

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After the shutdown of PokeVision, the popular Pokemon tracking site, Pokemon GO players are searching for an alternate tool. FastPokeMap is one of the new Pokemon GO PokeVision alternative that enables players to catch Pokemon that are within walking distance.

FastPokeMap functions like PokeVision and provides its users with a map and scanner to track Pokemon. However, compared to PokeVision, FastPokeMap scans a smaller radius that makes it possible for the players to find Pokemon that can be caught easily by walking.

FastPokeMap can not only provide players with the location of Pokemon but also it can tell how long it will remain at the spot. To know the latest update and progress of the tool users can check its official Twitter account. However, Pokemon GO players how have used it have stated that is not a very stable platform.

The most recent beta of the tool was made available on Aug. 7. The tool has been built on OpenStreetMap and its reverse geocoding API. It is also based on geocoding API from ArcGIS.

FastPokeMap - Pokemon GO Pokevision Alternative

In order to use it, players need to visit its website – on the internet browser. When the browser prompts, players should provide access to location. It will then promptly start showing the location of nearest Pokemon. The ?Launch Scan? button of FastPokeMap will begin a new scan on a map for Pokemon.

As Niantic is cracking down third party Pokemon tracking sites, it seems that the future of FastPokeMap is unpredictable. The company is also working an updated version of ?Nearby? that will help in finding Pokemon.

Currently it is being tested with limited players. It is expected to make it available in the upcoming updates. Until then, Pokemon GO players can take advantage of the FastPokeMap to catch Pokemon easily.

Are you using any other Pokemon GO PokeVision alternative? Have you tried the new FastPokeMap tool? Let us know your experience by adding your comments below.

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