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Pokemon GO PokeTracker Update Improves Scan Radius! Can Now Find IVs

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Along with the advancement of Pokemon GO?comes an upcoming update for the Pokemon GO PokeTracker. Players can now use it more flexibly and advantageously when it is released.

First off, let?s answer Pokemon GO PokeTracker?s most famous question. ?Is it safe to use?? According to the?creator?of?Pokemon GO PokeTracker,? players’ accounts will not be harmed since the app only needs the IP address of the user.

Now for the latest Pokemon GO PokeTracker update, the people behind this app will be launching the newest version V1.1 by week?s end. They have fixed some bugs from the last version and are adding more features for everyone to enjoy.

As posted on Reddit by the creator of PokeTracker, these advancements would include factors such as scan range radius, lures, IV and Pokemon countdown for spawning. These new add-ons are indeed of big use to the gamers who have no patience to search for Pokemon. Now let us tackle them one by one.

All Add-Ons

The new Pokemon GO PokeTracker will allow players to scan a maximum radius of three kilometers from where they are. The previous scan radius is only limited to the exact location where the player is, this is a huge difference indeed.

Using Pokemon GO PokeTracker will also allow the players to see where the lures are exactly located. Also, players will be able to see the countdown timer for Pokemon that are spawning. Though the former feature still needs some adjustments, at least you can use it to your benefit.

Finally, the most anticipated feature in the Pokemon GO PokeTracker is the addition of the Pokemon IV?s. IV stands for ?Individual Value.? They are hidden stats which differ from one Pokemon to another. IV is a vital factor to consider in deciding which Pokemon to catch. The app allows you to tap a Pokemon on the map and you can instantly know their IV?s.

With all these awesome updates from the app, you can now enjoy an easier and faster Pokehunt. Get the Pokemon GO PokeTracker and you?re good to go.

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