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Pokemon GO PokeTracker: Gen 2 Pokemon And Ditto To Be Shown In Latest Version

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Pokemon GO PokeTracker

A new Pokemon GO PokeTracker version on iOS will show gen 2 Pokemon as soon as they are made available. The application developer said that the new version will be released sometime around next week. The developer also aims to bring a solution to detect Ditto spawn locations. There are more features coming in the PokeTracker 1.1.1 update, the developer added.

It is being said that Niantic is planning a major Pokemon GO update for December. According to several rumors, the update will add the Gen 2 Pokemon. Around 100 Gen 2 Pokemon are coming to the game if this happens. The next Pokemon GO PokeTracker update also brings the ability to find these Pokemon as soon as they arrive.

New Features

Additionally, the new update will bring some of the most requested features that include scans within a kilometer, lured Pokemon, countdown timers, various enhancements and bug fixes. The upcoming update will also reduce the number of captchas to be solved. Scrapping captchas entirely from PokeTracker isn’t possible as “it is a part of the app”, the developed said. ?

The developer also shared that there will be more features coming sometime around Christmas. The Pokemon GO PokeTracker update 1.2 will focus on featuring more detailed information on gym levels and its defender, Ditto spawn location, IVs and movesets.

As far as the Pokemon GO PokeTracker update is concerned, the highly anticipated gen 2 Pokemon detection feature will be there. Nintendo has not yet announced their next content update after Ditto. If the Gen 2 Pokemon update is next, there would be 100 Pokemon and 86 new movesets.

Some of the currently available Pokemon will also have new evolutions in Gen 2, so the fans should be ready and get enough candies for them. Eevee, Onix, SlowPoke, Zubat, and Scyther are some of the Pokemon which will see dramatic changes when Gen 2 arrives.?

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