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Pokemon GO PokeStops Tips: Is Your Inventory Full? Looting PokeStops Is Still Useful

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In Pokemon GO, players can only fill up their inventory with 350 items. It doesn?t mean that you should stop visiting PokeStops when you?re running out of space. Visiting a PokeStop can always be useful because it gives you XP rewards for your visits. Gaining XP and leveling up plays a major role in the game, and even if your inventory is full of Berries, PokeBalls and Potions, there?s no need to avoid nearby PokeStops.

Some players usually empty their inventory before heading to a PokeStop. This is actually important because players are required to have room for items. When the bag gets full, one can simply remove the items they no longer need. This is the reason players sometimes overlook the need of visiting PokeStops. This is not wise, and if you are doing this, you might be losing XP rewards your nearby PokeStop can give you.

A Reddit user reminded players that they can simply visit the PokeStop and collect XP. Even if players do not want to collect items in PokeStops, it is a good idea to collect the free XP reward. When your inventory in Pokemon GO gets full, the mobile game will notify you. There?s a trick which you can use to overload your inventory with more than 350 items. When you reach level 6 in Pokemon GO, you can simply collect more items than the default limit.

It is always important to use items from your inventory to make sure that you don?t overload your bag with items, only to discard them when it gets full . Using potion frequently can help you maintain this balance if you frequently jump into Gym battles. For those who cannot remove items from their inventory, trips to PokeStops is still worthy, as it will give you 50 XP in Pokemon GO.

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