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Pokemon GO PokeStop Tips: Trick To Get More Items On Your 10th PokeStop

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Pokemon GO tips and tricks are everywhere, and here?s one more that can help players get more items when they visit PokeStops. Whenever a player visits a PokeStop, they can collect items and XP rewards. A player has found a trick that helps you get more items than usual from PokeStops.

The trick shared by a Reddit user suggests that every 10th PokeStop in Pokemon GO can give you more items. To do this, you?ll need to follow a simple trick that doesn?t take a lot of effort. Players can simply aim for 10 unique PokeStops and start visiting each of them. Start visiting the first PokeStop and keep visiting each one until you reach the 10th PokeStop.

Players should keep in mind that none of these PokeStops should be visited more than once when you?re completing a cycle. When you visit the 10th PokeStop, wait for at least 10 to 15 minutes to start the cycle again. You?ll receive more items by following this trick. The method is not against the game?s terms of use. You?re not cheating in the game by doing so; instead you are just following a pattern which is designed that way.

According to the player, he was able to obtain the rewards after multiple tests, but he asks fans to keep a certain interval between the cycles. If you start the next cycle too early, your chances of getting more items could be spoiled. It is better to wait at least more than 10 minutes to get Pokemon GO to reset the cycle.

Players can simply catch Pokemon while following the cycle. The user said players can capture Pokemon while embarking on their 10 PokeStops trip. It is important to keep track of time and the PokeStops you have visited because a single wrong move can spoil your work. Catching Pokemon while you work on completing this cycle is also a good idea because anything can happen espeicially as Pokemon GO is still buggy. Therefore, it is better to make the most of your visits by catching Pokemon on the go.

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