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Pokemon GO PokeStop Tips: Collect Items Faster

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Pokemon Go

You may have read different guides, tips and tricks on how to collect Pokemon faster or how you can find PokeStop and gym locations in Pokemon GO. However, there?s a quicker way to collect items from PokeStops; a small trick lets players collect all the available items at once.

PokeStops are the locations where players collect items such as PokeBalls and eggs. Located on the map, these PokeStops are the important places people need to visit. Whenever a user visits a PokeStop, the border color turns purple, and hitting X button at that moment lets the player auto collect all of the items. The trick can be very effective for those who are travelling by any vehicle. Catching Pokemon on the go is becoming the most preferred way of getting new Pokemon.

Usually, players of Pokemon GO collect items by tapping the screen, but it takes a lot of time as they have to tap every individual item. By following the simple method mentioned above by a Reddit user, players can simply collect the items faster.

Some fans also reported a PokeStop bug. A fan stated that sometimes, when reaching a PokeStop, the map indicates that you are far from the place, but it turns purple again as soon as you spin. So those who are dealing with the PokeStop location or distance issues should also try doing this.

PokeStops are usually at random locations which can be found on the map. There?s also a simple trick to find all the PokeStop locations even if you have not downloaded the game yet. Some businesses that are PokeStops are already welcoming people, but sometimes it is not possible to stay longer at certain places that are marked as PokeStop. Collecting items to increase trainer level in Pokemon GO is important, so the above mentioned solution can help you get them all at once.

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