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Pokemon GO Needs An In-Game PokeStop Request Feature

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Niantic’s augmented reality title based on the Pokemon world is a fun experience. but not everyone has a level playing field in the game. Seeing as it uses a map and landmarks to provide players with the basic necessities, those in rural areas seem to have the shorter end of the stick. With Pokemon GO going through major changes, maybe it’s finally time to have an in-game feature that allows players to request for PokeStops and Pokemon Gyms.

During the early days of Pokemon GO, Niantic allowed players to request for PokeStops and Pokemon Gyms through the Pokemon GO support page. It was a very useful feature that gave everyone a chance at having more landmarks around them. Those in rural areas greatly benefitted from the feature.

For some unknown reason, Niantic took down the option from the official support page of the game and players are left to make ends meet with whatever landmarks they have nearby. However, it looks like things are about to change soon as Niantic could be working on adding the feature to request for PokeStops as of the moment.

In a recent Tweet, Niantic notes that “Thanks for your tweet! We’re not accepting PokéStop suggestions now, but are working on a way to enable submissions in the future.” This is good news for a lot of players especially for those who are in areas that lack landmarks.

We’ve yet to know how Niantic is planning to execute the upcoming feature but one that’s added in-game is better than the previous structure which forced players to close the app first. Players can only request for new PokeStops in the Pokemon GO official support page before and it was rather inconvenient. If Niantic makes the request feature an in-game addition, then it’ll be a whole lot better. Seeing as Niantic already announced its plans for the said request feature, it might not take long before we finally see it. It could be coming along with yet another major update to the game.

The announcement came shortly after the number of landmarks in Pokemon GO increased thanks to Niantic’s other augmented reality title, Ingress. However, the added landmarks might still not be enough for the other players as they didn’t have the option to list nearby landmark as a PokeStop on their own.

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