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Pokemon GO PokeNotify Removed: APK And Other Apps You Can Use

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Pokemon GO

Google has removed the PokeNotify app from Play Store because it violates Google?s App Store policies. The application was developed for Pokemon GO players to help them see what happen is available in their area without the need to have the game app open.

The mobile app notifies players whenever there?s a Pokemon in nearby locations. It saves a lot of data and does away with the need to open the official Pokemon GO app all the time. Though the application is not officially available anymore, fans can still download the PokeNotify APK. Players can also try some PokeNotify alternatives.

The developer of the app announced the sad news on Reddit, telling fans that the application is no longer available on Google Play Store. However, fans can still use it without having to worry about their Pokemon GO account getting banned. The application doesn?t require login credentials, so it is completely safe to use, but take note that downloading the wrong APK file might expose your device to potential risks.

As the app has been removed from Play Store, you might want to look for alternatives to PokeNotify. PokeDetector is another app which you can use to get Pokemon GO notifications and alerts on your mobile phone. The application also pairs the Android Watch with your smartphone so you can get notifications when there?s a nearby Pokemon.

It is important to note that such app may be using unofficial codes from Niantic?s Pokemon GO. Niantic has already made it clear that it will not tolerate any suspicious activities to keep the gameplay fair for everyone. Using such apps might get your account banned. It is better not to use any app that requires your login credentials unless you?re sure that it is completely safe to use.

Finding rare Pokemon isn?t easy. However, there are tools and tricks through which you can learn their spawn patterns, time, and location and catch rare Pokemon easily without getting permanently banned from Pokemon GO.

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