Pokemon Go: #PokemonGoHome Uses Pokemon To Enforce Anti-Brexit Initiative

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Pokemon GO signs have been seen around London, and they are not about Pokemon GO. Well, they are somewhat about Pok?mon GO in danger of deportation once Brexit is enforced, or so it seems.

A group of creatives have decided to capitalize on the popularity of the augmented reality game to get their point across regarding Brexit. ?Signs that read: ?Illegal Pokemon WILL be deported? or ?By 2019 your Pokemon may lose their right to live in the UK? can be seen hanging on posts across the city.

The campaign called #PokemonGoHome was recently launched to raise awareness regarding the uncertainty surrounding the fate of EU Nationals in the UK. Once Brexit is enforced, they may lose their right to live and work in the country.


This Pokemon GO-themed poster is only one of many strewn all over London. (Photo credit: adland.tv)

The petition also attempts to assure that EU nationals will have the right to remain in the UK and ?show that people are just as important as Pokemon.? Through this initiative, they are hoping to convince the Parliament to respond to their request by trying to secure 10,000 signatures.

Brexit may not yet be in effect, but as soon as the UK invokes Article 50, the fate of more than half a million none Britons who came to the UK under EU rules may be in trouble of being displaced. Those who have found jobs, built families and put down roots may no longer meet residency requirements needed to be able to stay in the country.

Petition for 10,000 signatures

The #PokemonGoHome website is quick to retract that deporting your Pokemon is a joke, but it outlines what might happen to the EU Nationals in the UK. The site expresses the sentiment, ?Imagine being here right now, but knowing you might be thrown out in the future.? It ends with a call to UK citizens to sign the petition to protect the rights of the immigrants.

Brexit may not even happen until 2019. And if it does, the only thing it would probably succeed at is breaking up the UK.

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