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Pokemon GO

Similar to the main Pokemon games on the Nintendo handhelds, Niantic?s Pokemon GO ?also considers a Pokemon?s typing system to deal out damage weaknesses and resistance in the game?s Gym system. Fortunately, most of the original game?s Pokemon type system rules actually made it to the mobile game. However, this system may not be as effective due to the locked movesets in the game. Here?s what we know so far about the game?s typing system.

For Pokemon newcomers, each Pokemon type will be weak, resistant, or take regular damage to certain attacks. The ?Water beats Fire, Fire beats Grass, and Grass beats Water? system still applies, so make sure to use your Water Gun move on Rock types and avoid using it on Grass types. However, don?t get cocky with this system as Pokemon level and stats will still play a larger role in Gym battles. Picking the right Pokemon Type counter will only ensure improved damage but not a match victory.

Since Pokemon GO is still using the Generation 1 Pokemon, the Pokemon Type meta is still straightforward with a little advantage to Dragon, Psychic and Ghost types due to the lack of counters against them. Counters against these types were introduced in the game?s later generations. This counter problem may only be resolved once the game releases more Pokemon. Additionally, the Generation 1 Pokemon in the game are updated to their current version?s type, as Magnemite is Electric-Steel instead of just plain Electric.

However, Pokemon GO?s locked movesets may prove to be a problem for players seeking the advantages of this system. Players will often have to use a different Pokemon to find the right moves to counter which makes the competitive system more specific. In the original game, players can teach the Pokemon some new moves with Technical Machines (TMs) and Hidden Machines (HMs) so they can adapt to specific battle situations. However, this is not possible in the mobile game as most Pokemon are limited to two attacks and a defensive dodge move. While the game?s system is more active, it lost most of the original game?s extensive battle tactics for a simpler, stiff, and semi-automated duel gameplay.

Pokemon type knowledge can surely amplify your efficiency as a Gym attacker and make your Gym defenders tougher against certain opponents with their resistances. However, knowing Pokemon types only in competitive Pokemon GO can only get you so far. Stats and CP percentages actually matter more due to the game?s focus on attacking, dodging hits and switching up your active Pokemon to have an advantage against the Gym-defending Pokemon. Unless Niantic introduces a major patch for the game?s competitive system, Pokemon Types may not be as handy in Pokemon GO as it was in the main games.

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