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Pokemon GO: All Pokemon Running Away? Here’s One Possible Answer

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Have you ever hopped in your car, hoping for an epic Pokemon GO road trip, only to be met with dismay as each monster wriggles its way out of your Poke Ball? Don’t worry, because it looks like some players may have found the reason why.

Pokemon GO Road Trip Tips

On The Silph Road subreddit, a group of trainers discussed their experiences in playing Pokemon GO on the road. Thread starter I_play_elin said he had no luck during his recent journey, resulting in one Incense going to waste.

“I’m on a car ride with my family and I figured it would be a good time to use an Incense, but so far, every single Pokemon I’ve tried (probably 20) has broken free and run after 1 ball. INCLUDING A 10 CP RATTATA THAT I RAZZED AND HIT WITH A GREAT BALL CURVEBALL AT VERY SMALL RING. I can only conclude that there is some modifier on Incensed mons that makes them uncatchable if you move away from where they spawned,” he explained.

Commenters on the thread have reported conflicting experiences. Many said that the opposite is actually true, and being in a moving vehicle is actually one of the best places to play Pokemon GO.

Some have theorized that the high escape rates may have something to do with the speed at which you’re travelling. “I bet OP was on the highway and the other two posters were on city roads. I have caught Pokemon in a car driving slow (like 30-40 mph) but we have also noticed that on the highway (70-80mph) they run away,” wrote a user named Sarosar.

However, I_play_elin himself debunked this claim, saying that he has caught Pokemon at high speeds before. He thinks the problem may have something to do with the fact that he used an Incense while on his journey, which may have altered the Pokemon’s capture chances. He said that if you experience something similar, you should try restarting the app because it may be a yet-to-be-resolved bug.

Have you encountered this problem while playing Pokemon GO? Let us know in the comments below.

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