Pokemon Go Tips: How To Capture Pokemon Gym Easily

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There?s a lot of ways to become a Pokemon Go Gym Master. Gyms are often being defended by multiple high-level opponents, players must know a few key points when it comes to conquering a Pokemon Gym.

It is highly preferable that players must have teammates to aid them in battle. Securing a gym enables your teammates to place their Pokemon at the same time, it increases the prestige.

When battling a Pokemon at a Pokemon Go Gym, players must attack whilst the other player is gone and unable to respond. The Pokemon will then be controlled by an AI that has an attack pattern that can be learned and countered easily.

It is preferable if the players do it at night-time, while the other teams are sleeping. Keep in mind that the A.I controlled Pokemon might still put up a fight, however, it will still follow the same pattern

Pick a gym with the least attackers, the ones that will let the players leave the gym unattended for a while. Losing a Gym will hurt the player?s Pokemon, supplies will be required to heal the said Pokemon.

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Planning the attack is effective too, players can counter other Pokemons by knowing their weaknesses. Players should also save the strongest Pokemon for last. Defenders should also be chosen correctly, the ones with the higher HP are a good candidate for defending a captured gym.

Players can also battle high-level Pokemon without a hitch by dodging. There will be a small chance of dodging before the attack connects and hit the players. A flash will appear around the screen, when it appears quickly swipe the screen to dodge the attack.

When all else fails, call a friend. Playing and socializing with people are one of the sole reasons why the Pokemon Go is made. Although attacking a gym with friends will be better and a lot easier than conquering it alone

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