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Pokemon GO: All Pokemon Eggs And How Far You Need To Walk

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Pok?mon GO

If you have been busy playing Pokemon GO, you have probably stumbled upon several Pokemon Eggs from exploring various PokeStops. If you are not sure what to do with them, don?t worry, we are here to help.

Pokemon GO Egg Guide

These little guys function pretty much like they do in the main series games. Once you acquire one, you?ll need to walk a set distance in order for it to hatch. However, Pokemon GO introduces a new mechanic known as the egg incubator, a special item where you must place eggs inside in order for the hatching process to begin. By default, all trainers start with an incubator with unlimited use already in their inventory. If you?d like to hatch multiple eggs at one time, you can acquire additional incubators by visiting PokeStops or by purchasing them via in-game microtransactions.

Only one egg can be placed in an incubator at any given time, so having multiple incubators active can greatly speed up the rate at which you can hatch new Pokemon. Once you have the eggs inside your incubators, all you have to do is walk the required amount of distance. Do note that Pokemon GO?s distance is calculated via your phone?s internal pedometer, so you can?t just hop onto a moving vehicle to speed up the process.

If you?re hoping for a specific kind of Pokemon, you can increase your odds by referring to this handy chart created by Pokemon fansite serebii. For example, if you want an Onyx or Chansey, you should focus on incubating 10 km eggs only. On the flip side, if it?s a Ghastly or Cubone you want, 5 km eggs should be your priority.

That pretty much covers it. So what are are you waiting for? Fire up those incubators and start walking around with Pokemon GO!

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