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Pokemon GO: Pokemon Center And Customizable PokeStops Coming Soon

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Pokemon GO

In a comic-con that featured the first trailers for Wonder Woman and Justice League, it was surprising to see Pokemon GO remain relevant throughout the show. During the mobile game’s panel, Niantic announced that Pokemon Centers and customizable Poke Stops would soon be added to the game in a future update.

This is great news for fans of the game, since healing and reviving Pokemon in the mobile title can be a bit of a pain. Healing items are hard to come by due to the random nature of the various PokeStops in the game, which usually leads to players having to buy in-game items with real-life money.

Kotaku confirmed the news from San Diego Comic-Con, stating that the Pokemon Centers would be coming soon, along with the customizable Poke Stops. Details as to how customizable the PokeStops will be and how they will work to the players? advantage were not revealed, though Pokemon GO fans can expect an announcement in the near future.

Sadly, the same goes for Pokemon Centers. Fans who have played the older games or have watched the show know that Pokemon Centers heal all of the trainers? creatures for no cost whatsoever. Considering that this is a free-to-play mobile game, it is safe to assume that the Pokemon Centers in the mobile spinoff won’t be free to use or will limit the amount of healing a player can do.

When will fans see this in Pokemon GO

Whether they are free or not might be troublesome to gamers, but at least it adds another option to heal or revive Pokemon. Once again, healing items are scarce in the mobile game, so any alternative is better than none. Then again, with the customizable Poke Stops coming to the mobile title, healing might not be so difficult whenever this update comes.

Pokemon GO is currently available in specific regions but is not yet available worldwide. While it is the most downloaded app in recent memory, it also suffers from a number of problems, most of which the developers are aware of. Here is hoping that the mobile game gets released everywhere sooner or later, with the brand new Pokemon Centers added to it.

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