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Pokemon GO: All Pokemon You Can’t Catch Yet

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In just a couple of weeks, players have encountered and captured almost all the 151 Pokemon in Pokemon GO. It was believed to be a very hard task that would require a few months or so,, but Pokemon trainers really gave it their all. One trainer in particular seemingly captured all the Pokemon he is allowed to capture in his area.

Redditor ftb_hodor recently shared his amazing feat on Reddit by encountering and seeing exactly 142 Pokemon. However, ftb_hodor?s full completion of the Pokedex is hindered by a couple of factors: region-locked Pokemon, the Missing Legendary Bird Trio and Ditto. The Pokemon missing from his list are:

  • ????????#83 Farfetch?d
  • ????????#115 Kangaskhan
  • ????????#122 Mr Mime
  • ????????#132 Ditto
  • ????????#144 Articuno
  • ????????#145 Zapdos
  • ????????#146 Moltres

The first three Pokemon are allegedly region-locked to some areas. Farfetch?d is only available in Asia, Kangaskhan in Australia, Tauros in US, and Mr. Mime in Europe. This means the player can capture these Pokemon in one of three methods; he travels to the said region, make use of Niantic?s upcoming Trade feature, or try to hatch them from Pokemon Eggs.

Ditto, on the other hand, is still yet to be revealed by Niantic, so there?s no chance of getting it now. This is the same case with the Legendary Bird Trio, so ftb_hodor has to wait a while longer to complete the Pokedex.

What?s worth noting is that MewTwo (#150) and Mew (#151) are not part of the Pokedex and players aren?t probably required to captured them for 100% completion. It?s a similar concept in the Pokemon RPGs, but MewTwo is a required Pokemon to catch. This could also mean that the two Pokemon may be very rare and hard to come by, so Niantic might have levelled the playing field by making them an exemption.

For tips on Pokemon GO Eevee Evolution, check this story; to see the rare Pokemons you have not caught yet better, check this infographic:

Pokemon GO rare Pokemon

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