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Pokemon GO PokeMesh: Real Time Map 4.1.0 APK Download Now Available, Is It The Best PokeVision Alternative?

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After the abrupt end of Pokemon GO PokeVision, players are looking for tools that can provide real-time information on the location of Pokemon. PokeMesh is one such user-friendly PokeVision alternative that can be used to easily find and catch the desired Pokemon. Its latest version is now available for download.

The website of PokeMesh says that it improves Pokemon GO gameplay experience by showing all the creatures that are present around the player on a real-time map. It can also display Pokemon that are available at a desired location.

PokeMesh can show the time duration left to catch a Pokemon. The real-time map will not only show Pokemon but also other game elements such as PokeStops and Gyms.

Players can filter the Pokemon that they are not interested to catch. The app can run in the background and show alerts when a specific Pokemon shows up.


Currently, it is only available for Android devices. The latest edition of PokeMesh ? version 4.1.0 can be downloaded from APKMirror or APKPolice. The new update includes hotfixes for the bugs from the previous version of 4.0 and general improvements. It weighs 20.37 MB and can be installed on devices running on Android 4.1 and above.

The future is bleak for third-party Pokemon tracking tools as Niantic has blocked access to various services like PokeVision, PokeNotify, PokeHound, Poke Radar and PokeWhere. However, even though Niantic is banning such tools, creators of PokeMesh have released its updated version.

One should be careful about using PokeMesh because it requires to players to enter their Pokemon GO login credentials. If PokeMesh does not adhere to the terms of service laid down by Niantic for Pokemon GO, it is likely that it may also shut down soon and result in banning of accounts of players who have used it. Hence, players are advised to use PokeMesh at their own risk.

Are you using any other PokeVision alternative? Do let us know adding your comments below. For latest updates on Pokemon GO, keep reading TheBitBag.

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