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Pokemon GO PokeMaps: Alternative To PokeVision As Latter Is Shut Down

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Pokemon GO is one of the most challenging mobile games ever and its developer, Niantic, is certainly not a fan of third-party sites that would help the gamers locate the creatures easily. And, this is the main reason why they shut down PokeVision. However, it seems like there are alternatives for iOS and android users to track Pokemon hassle-free, and this is PokeMap and Pokemap Live, respectively.

Last week, there were reports claiming that tracking sites have been taken down by Niantic. These sites that we are talking about allow gamers to see all the Pokemon around them, and the company is not happy with these kind of sites as they tend to make the game less challenging.

?Yeah, I don?t really like that. Not a fan. We have priorities right now but they might find in the future that those things may not work. People are only hurting themselves because it takes some fun out of the game. People are hacking around trying to take data out of our system and that?s against our terms of service,? said Niantic Labs CEO John Hanke in an interview with Forbes.

Now, the most recent tracking site that has been shut down by the company is PokeVision. It was one of the most helpful sites for the players as it provides details where to exactly locate Pokemon and how long they will be there before disappearing. However, as mentioned, it has been taken down and if you go to the site, you will see a note saying, ?services are currently unavailable.?

With that, Pokemon GO users might be bummed. But, worry no more because it seems like there are apps for iOS and androids that could provide the same help as these tracking sites did and they are called PokeMap and Pokemap Live.

For Apple users, you can check PokeMap on iTunes. According to the site, with the help of the app, you can ?share rare Pokemon locations with your friends & team mates.? On the other hand, android users can go to Google Play to download Pokemap Live, which according to the description is a real-time map of all the pokemon in your area available for catching.

However, keep in mind that these apps are not from Niantic so it could be shut down as well in the near future just like what the company did with several other tracking sites. For the meantime, before they take down the apps, you can download it now to help you catch Pokemon easily.

After PokeVision was taken down by Niantic, it is safe to assume that the company should anticipate a lot of tracking sites to continue surfacing as they try to help Pokemon GO players in locating creatures around them. Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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