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Pokemon GO Pokedex Bug: How To Fix Text And Resolution Issue

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Along with several other Pokemon GO issues, the Pokedex bug is causing problems for players. The Pokedex does not display text and other elements properly for many smartphone users. The issue is bothering both iOS and Android users, though the latter seems to be more affected. Fortunately, there?s a way to fix the issue, according to players.

Many players report text and resolution issues with the Pokedex. Fixing this issue in Pokemon GO is really simple. To fix the Pokedex bug, players will need to clear the cache/data in their application settings. After restarting the phone, the issue has been solved for many players. For some players, this trick only solved the problem temporarily.

A user on Reddit suggests for Samsung users to download the Samsung Game Tuner Application. The application has several options that help the user optimize the game?s performance. By choosing maximum quality settings from the modes option, users can easily fix the problem on their Samsung phone.

The Pokedex bug is not only bothering a few mobile users; it is also causing text and resolution issues on Sony, Blackberry, Lenovo, Samsung and other mobile phones as well. The bug makes the Pokedex display weird text formatting. The images, Pokemon name, and description are appear broken due to this bug.

Earlier this month, Niantic rolled out an update for Pokemon GO for both Android and iOS platforms. According to the developer, the update addressed minor text issues, and it was intended to fix the problems related to the game?s text.

As the users are still dealing with text formatting issues, it seems that Niantic?s update didn?t work well. The company needs to fix many issues in their mobile game, and fans hope that the next batch of updates will bring new text fixes for the game. The company has been silent about any upcoming Pokemon GO updates, which has frustrated fans.

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